About Wholesale


Owned and operated in Canada. Our expertise is helping companies of all sizes resolve and streamline backend apparel production processes while providing flexible services and maintaining quality products that accomodate the commercial wholesale apparel industry. Whether a small custom run for a local community- led organization, a bulk wholesale project for a large company, or a unique graphic application for an independent apparel brand, we have the flexibility and experience to deliver what you need.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for full access to our wholesale catalogue
  2. Our t-shirts and beanies are sold in packs of 5 and 12 units. The rest of our products you can purchase individually. *NOTE: Our minimum order for CONSUMER COMMODITY wholesale clients is $500.
  3. Purchase through our online platform and ship to your desired destination. *NOTE: Freight prices will be provided once you submit your wholesale order.
  4. More Questions? Please see FAQ Page.


Also, please ensure you do not have any products that are not available on HOB site right now for sale. Prices are all in "BLUE" attached for each item. Again, product prices are only visible once people sign in. Otherwise they can view all wholesale items on the View Catalogue section.

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