The PFD (Prepared For Dye) Program provides you with the flexibility to order some of our products in custom dyed colours of your choice.  

Products listed with the colour "PFD" are made to be garment dyed.  We can dye the products for you, or you can have them dyed on your own.  


  • Place your order for PFD items on the "Place an Order" page.

  • Indicate the Pantone color(s) in the additional notes section of your Order Confirmation. You can also send us swatches if you have a swatch to match - please contact us at

  • We offer 2 dyeing methods, please indicate which of these methods you are seeking:

    • REACTIVE DYEING - provides a solid, consistent color that is less likely to fade or crock (our black, red and navy are all examples of reactive dyed colors)

    • PIGMENT DYEING - provides a faded, distressed looking color that gives the appearance of an aged garment (our distressed coal is an example of a pigment dyed color)

  • We can dye up to 50 units of PFD items for a cost of $250/color.  Quantities greater than 50 units of one color may be priced differently (at a lower cost/unit) - please contact us for details. 

  • PFD garments are made slightly larger to account for shrinkage in the dye process.  Because all batches shrink differently, please do allow extra tolerance on sizing here. 

  • If you purchase PFD garments without having us dye them for you, please note that they will arrive to you unpressed, unpacked and possibly untrimmed. If you are looking for just Natural garments, these are offered as well.

  • If you are looking for just Natural garments, these are offered as "Natural" in both Crewneck and Pullover. Please do not order the PFD as Natural coloured goods as the sizing will be inconsistent due to the properties of the garment dyeing process.

Feel free to email us at with any questions. 


Examples of our work:


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